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Khawabon me aanewale tera shukriya,Dil ko behlanewale tera shukriya.. Kaun karta hai is zamane me kisi se dosti itni,hume dost kehnewale tera shukriya mehnaz venjhar

chand taro ka nur aap for every barse ; har koi aap ke chahat ko tarse ; aap ke jindagi most important aaye iteni khushiya ki aap ek gum pane ko tarse Aaj khushio ki koi duhai dega

I would like to request all those critcs of Vedas listed here like Samuel or hyder that They're employing Vedic hymns to indicate that teachings of Mumhammed or Jesus and vedas ended up exact same then why dont these folks accept a simple tenet that all forms of worship may lead to supreme being and just it is actually “Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti”, and like these folks inquire us to simply accept I slam or christianity whenever they belive god is 1 then why dont these acknowledge hindu gods

A Women of all ages speaks after waking up in morning, “My destiny is as superb as the increasing sun. I'm the flag of my home and Culture. I am also their head. I'm able to give amazing discourses.

but agniveer what about this verses They may be anti-Women of all ages and several are irrational if they are not proper translation then supply the correct translation for every —

12 As well as earth brought forth grass, herbs yielding seed after their sort, and trees bearing fruit, wherein may be the seed thereof, after their form: and God noticed that it absolutely was good.

Yellow By licking, it saps the target's life. It leads to shaking that would not prevent until the sufferer's demise.

Most importantly, GOD calls himself jealous. GOD claims that hater’s punishment is given to small children unto third / 4th technology. WOW! GOD is cruel tyrant also. GOD will show mercy on individuals who loves him. GOD is egoistic also.

Commandment 3 is outside of understanding. GOD wants us to not to take his name in vain. GOD is so pissed up that he wants men and women to remember him in success times only (in other words, give him credit for all success they get, not the vain). This proves how Selfish GOD is.

Har karz dosti ka ada kaun karega? Hum na rahe to dosti kaun karega? E khuda mere doston ko salamat rakhna, Warna meri shaadi mein dance kaun karega? By Ali Meraj

Tu hay suraj tujay kia malum Tu hay suraj tujay kia malum raat ka dukh,tu kesee rose maray ghar principal a utar sham kay terrible. By Javed

Dogra, Thanks to the hyperlink. The first thing I checked out will be the references Employed in the paper. All but 1 reference is from Western authors, as if the Westerners Possess a better eye in interpreting the Vedas.

taaro ne chamkna chor diya Jis din se juda vo humse hue, is dil ne dharkna chor diya hai chaand ka mooh bhi get more info utra utra, taaro ne chamkna chor diya Kaun sa gham hai jo yeh haal bana rakha hai,

Khush to bahot hoge tum,Ki ahead karne ke liye SMS mil gaya,Magar aab kya karoge...?Jab msg me kuch bhi nahi mila...?Ha ha ha ha

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